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Columbien England

Columbien England Kane ging als Kapitän voran

England schlägt Kolumbien Ob Sie es glauben oder nicht: im Elfmeterschießen! Dahinter steckt eine monatelange Vorbereitung. Bilanz Kolumbien - England (WM in Russland, Achtelfinale). Im letzten Achtelfinale der WM treffen in Moskau Kolumbien und England aufeinander (Dienstag, 20 Uhr MESZ/ARD). Die Fakten zum Spiel. Kolumbien Nationalelf» Bilanz gegen England. Liveticker mit allen Spielereignissen, Toren und Statistiken zum Spiel Kolumbien - England - kicker.

Columbien England

England kann doch Elfmeterschießen. Im Achtelfinale der WM in Russland gewinnen die Engländer gegen Kolumbien nach der Entscheidung. England schlägt Kolumbien Ob Sie es glauben oder nicht: im Elfmeterschießen! Dahinter steckt eine monatelange Vorbereitung. Kolumbien bekämpfte England im WM-Achtelfinale in jeder erdenklichen Hinsicht. Das dokumentieren nicht nur sechs gelbe Karten für die. Columbien England Click operiert mit einer Https:// von rechts auf den Elfmeterpunkt. Gute Möglichkeit für die Three Lions! Dier mit einem Check von hinten in den Rücken von Bacca. Auch hier hätte so mancher Schiedsrichter ans Brusttäschchen gezupft. Verlängerung in Moskau! Davinson Sanchez passt aber gut auf und klärt unmittelbar vor dem gut postierten Abwehr-Turm. Konter der Cafeteros? Meine Herrn, wat sind Sie 'ne gnaddrige Knasterkopp. Dort war der Punkt noch in Ordnung. Die Cafeteros schieben zu langsam hinten raus. Kolumbien bekämpfte England im WM-Achtelfinale in jeder erdenklichen Hinsicht. Das dokumentieren nicht nur sechs gelbe Karten für die. England steht im Viertelfinale der WM in Russland. Die Briten setzten sich im Elfmeterschießen gegen Kolumbien durch, besiegten ihr Trauma. Das ist der Spielbericht zur Begegnung Kolumbien gegen England am ​ im Wettbewerb Weltmeisterschaft England kann doch Elfmeterschießen. Im Achtelfinale der WM in Russland gewinnen die Engländer gegen Kolumbien nach der Entscheidung. England hat im WM-Achtelfinale gegen Kolumbien gewonnen - und dabei seinen Elfmeter-Fluch besiegt.

Columbien England - Weitere Mannschaften

Letzterer fällt theatralisch. Damit rettet der Innenverteidiger seine Cafeteros vor dem Aus. Kane Elfmeter Rechtsschuss, H. Gelbe Karte Kolumbien Bacca Kolumbien. Auch Kane bemerkte den auf unsportliche Weise entstandenen Platzfehler. Ein Cuadrado-Schuss aus der Distanz flippert durch die englische Abwehrreihe, doch Falcao kommt nicht dran. Cuadrado Kolumbien.

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As we can see, he is helping fill the void that has been left by Rodriguez's fitness issues:. Even without their star No.

But the Three Lions have many weapons of their own too. After strong starts to the World Cup, the likes of Kane, Lingard and Sterling were all rested for the third group game against Belgium, meaning they should be raring to go against the South Americans.

While there was much debate about whether the Three Lions should have rotated for the loss to the Red Devils, broadcaster Jacqui Oatley outlined how this may work to England's benefit:.

Freshness could be key. In Kane, they have the hottest striker in the tournament as things stand. As noted by journalist Tom Williams, the Spurs star has adapted to life on this stage quickly:.

Average rating 5. Squad number 1 Player name Ospina. Average rating 4. Squad number 11 Player name Ju Cuadrado.

Squad number 20 Player name Quintero. Squad number 17 Player name Mojica. Squad number 4 Player name Arias.

Squad number 9 Player name Falcao. Squad number 16 Player name Lerma. Squad number 14 Player name Muriel. Squad number 15 Player name Uribe.

Average rating 3. Squad number 2 Player name Zapata. Squad number 7 Player name Bacca. Squad number 5 Player name Barrios.

Squad number 9 Player name Kane. Average rating 7. Squad number 1 Player name Pickford.

Columbien England Video

Columbien England - WM-Achtelfinale: England besiegt den Elfmeter-Fluch

Kolumbien und England liefern sich ein intensives Duell und neutralisieren sich im eng gestaffelten Mittelfeld. Wann gibt es das schon einmal, dass die englischen Fans in der Unterzahl sind? Der Ball rollt wieder. Der Startschuss für die Verlängerung! Nach Flitterwochen mit der Heimatpresse durch den gelungenen Turnierauftakt führte der Coach einen Showdown herbei, indem er im letzten Gruppenspiel gegen Belgien fast die gesamte Stammelf schonte. Cuadrado zirkelt die folgende Ecke von rechts nach innen, wo Yerry Mina Maguire überspringt und aus zehn Metern einen Aufsetzer abgibt. Die Briten hatten noch keine einzige nennenswerte Offensivaktion seit der

Cheers, mate. O ooh, England. It's squeaky bum now. Colombia get down the left, and cross. Falcao has got in between Maguire and Stones but, under pressure from the former, heads it wide.

A shley Young, who is not moving too well, is coming off. Broadway Danny Rose comes on. C olombia getting a lot of time on the ball.

Cuadrado has an age to measure up a cross. Played in. England bundle it behind for a corner. Mina and Sanchez get in each other's way.

Just as well - either of them would have had a decent heading opportunity there. Colombia have gone from to to now more like Would be nice if Dier could get going here as England should dominate midfield.

T wo balls on the pitch, Pickford is playing with one, Colombia with the other! Colombia kick one of the balls into the net but, as you would imagine, the ref says no goal.

L ong throw form Colombia, Lingard does well to clear. I wonder how much heart England have got. It's Colombia who are playing the ball around now, looking more composed.

One or two desperate tackles starting to come from England. Y oung studs up into the shin of Barrios. Both players found that sore. Young very lucky there.

O h England! They were so close. Pickford's wonder save led to a corner, and then a superb header from Barcelona centre half Yerry Mina to force extra time.

M ina is limping and clutching his privates! Ha ha ha ha. Has he hurt himself in the celebrations? This is hilarious stuff. It's England who are making the running.

No way through. England lose out. Cuadrado comes with a run Oh no! From the corner, a wonderful leap from Yerry Mina. Bullet header, no chance for the keeper and would you believe it, Colombia are level.

He charges into the crowd to celebrate. Maguire the missing man there I am afraid - he's lost concentration and Mina's had him on toast.

A ribe has let rip from 35 yards, it's a magnificent strike and it is an even better save. Pickford take a bow. Tips it behind for a corner at full stretch.

Keeper up for the corner F reekick after freekick. No complaints from England. T here will be five long minutes of extra time.

S terling comes off, a hug from Gareth, and he is replaced by Vardy. England under a little pressure but nothing too drastic. F alcao, finally, starting to really influence this.

Picks it up on the edge of the area and threads a daisycutter through the crowd. Easy for Pickford. C uadrado great cross. Falcao is lurking but his own man has got in his way!

Davinson Sanchez will be getting a rocket later. Now another cross, from the other flank. Falcao again T rippier with an accurate freekick.

Maguire should have done better with the header across goal. K ane, nice pass, Lingard cannot control it. Better technique and he's away there.

D ier to Walker He's tried to play it back to the keeper and just dished it up for the Colombians. They break, this is a massive chance, it's out to Cuadrado on the right Wild and woolly shot.

D ele Alli is coming off. Eric Dier is coming on, the plan obviously being to bolster the central midfield.

Q unitero, to Falcao. Good hold up play. But the move flounders as, I think, Mojica makes a foul. Henderson heads clear.

England can break. England think it's a pen A useful position for Kane is struck from the record due to offside. Might as well blow for full time now and let them sort this out on Brighton beach with bicycle chains and flick knives.

I have no speech. L ingard gets a booking for a nibble at Carlos Sanchez. Colombia are a right mob, but don't kid yourself that England have been saints.

Henderson Neymared it up when that bloke got him with the head, and Maguire dived to try and get a pen. S terling with some gorgeous skill down the left, slips it to Young.

Whose cross is decent, but there is nobody there. Young got a knock as he crossed that. G ame is boiling over. Another booking. It's Bacca, who has only been on as a sub for a few minutes, and he has fouled Stones.

H arry Maguire dives in the box under pressure from D Sanchez. B ut now a gilt-edged chance! Good move from England, a ball to the back post and Dele Alli has missed the header from close range!

F alcao is booked for yelling at the referee, I think about the Maguire incident. A lmost zero actual football being played.

Ref whistling like an untended kettle, neither side is covering itself in glory with the niggly, sly fouls and the playacting.

S tones and Falcao tangle, the England man seems to have flicked a boot at Falcao's ear as he lay on the floor. Falcao, as you might imagine, makes a meal of it.

H e waits for the keeper to go and he mullers it straight down the centre. Well done Harry Kane.

T hat is his sixth goal of the World Cup. T hree minutes have passed. Come on Harry. A nd rightly so.

The holding has been ridiculous. It's an absolutely clear penalty. They're partly protesting and they're partly trying to rattle Kane, and they are also using the opportunity to scuff up the penalty spot.

These guys are hilarious. A rias on 'Arry Kane. Fouled him. Barged the England man in the back and gets a yellow. Excellent freekick.

Young aims it at three England men rushing towards the back stick. D Sanchez again with a vital header.

L ingard plays it short to Alli but, to my eyes, his mobility is not right and he cannot gather the ball. He's easily dispossessed.

Gareth is going to have to change this, surely? I t's a dire start to the second period, I have to tell you. Here's the Archbish though.

Sad the Referee did not go to the Review Area! Let justice prevail! I t's the Colombians who have the ball at the start of this half.

C olombians have been trying to make this bitty and scrappy. The VAR man should have called the ref over to have a look and let the referee make the correct call, which is a red card for violent conduct.

I t is not a penalty kick because the ball is dead so the restart is a freekick. G areth Southgate gestured: "headbutt" at the officials.

Gary Neville: "That coach is a numpty for doing that. N ot a great half of football, you have to say, but it had its interests. England had the better of it.

They had that Ashley Young freekick on target and Harry Kane headed onto the roof of the net. Colombia have some very impressive defenders, Mina has got through a shift.

Hope Dele Alli is okay to continue. There's been a lot of shoving and pushing. One moment will get most of the analysis: an apparent butt on Jordan Henderson.

H alf time is being delayed, and I am afraid it is bad news for England fans: Dele Alli is coming off the pitch. Not yet clear if he will be subbed off.

England down to ten while they wait for half-time. E ngland with a useful cross, it drops for Lingard, whose shot over is lacking in technique and direction.

A good move from Colombia. Falaco who IS in fact playing this match despite what you might think and Arrias tee it up for Qunitero who hits the target, but tamely.

F irst signs of frustration? Harry Kane has hit one from long range, well wide. Meanwhile, Sterling and Mina are having a wrestling match - something of a mismatch on size.

The Colombian goes down. Bit theatrically, I thought. Lots of gesticulating and carrying-on from both players.

D anny Murphy: "It has to be a penalty and a red card. That is ridiculous. What is the point having VAR if someone headbutts someone in the face and not get sent off?

You can't headbutt someone and not get a red card. That is ludicrous. E ventually Trippier takes the freekick, and whips it wide.

Near enough to produce an "Oooooooeeeee" in the office Paul Hawyard : "Good movement and intent from England but everything currently breaking down on the edge of the final third, where Yerry Mina is mightily impressive for Colombia.

Q uite a lot of shoving and nastiness in the box. Barrios has butted Henderson in the chest and then under the chin and that has hurt Henderson.

Henderson goes down. T here is a delay. I think VAR is checking this E ngland playing with the sort of patience we tend not to see from them.

Slow build up. Kane drives towards the box. A quiet spell. England now able to play it out from the back. As noted by journalist Tom Williams, the Spurs star has adapted to life on this stage quickly:.

Kane now has the second best goals-per-game ratio in World Cup history 2. Will take something to beat Ernst Wilimowski, who scored four goals in his one and only World Cup appearance for Poland in Occasionally these types of matches can be cagey, although England and Colombia have shown in recent years they are teams who are at their best when on the front foot.

That should make for an enterprising game at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow, with plenty of segments of end-to-end play. In the end, the fact England's talisman is well-rested and in form and Colombia's star man is struggling with fitness woes will give the Three Lions the edge in an entertaining game.

Tom Williams tomwfootball Kane now has the second best goals-per-game ratio in World Cup history 2. Onyekuru: Nigeria forward leaves Galatasaray after Monaco turn down loan extension.

Ten students were killed in the school library, where the pair subsequently committed suicide. Twenty-one additional people were injured by gunshots, and gunfire was also exchanged with the police.

Another three people were injured trying to escape the school. At the time, it was the deadliest school shooting in U.

In addition to the shootings, the attack involved several homemade bombs. Two of these were placed in the cafeteria, powerful enough to kill or seriously injure all people within the area, although they failed to detonate.

Their cars in the parking lots were made into bombs which also failed to detonate, and at another location away from the school, two bombs were set up as diversions, only one of which partially detonated.

The motive remains unclear; but Harris and Klebold planned the massacre for around a year, and hoped the massacre would cause the most deaths in U.

The police were slow to enter the school and were heavily criticized for not intervening during the shooting. The incident resulted in the introduction of the Immediate Action Rapid Deployment tactic, which is used in active shooter situations.

Columbine also resulted in an increased emphasis on school security with zero tolerance policies. Debates and moral panic were sparked over guns and gun control laws , high school cliques, subcultures e.

Many impromptu memorials were created after the massacre, including victims Rachel Scott 's car and John Tomlin's truck.

The crosses for Harris and Klebold were later removed as it caused controversy. A permanent memorial began planning in June Designing took three and a half years and included feedback from victims' families, survivors, the high school's students and staff, and the community.

A groundbreaking of the memorial occurred in June The Columbine Memorial opened up to the public on September 21, It also detailed Harris sneaking out of the house to cause mischief and vandalism, such as lighting fireworks , with his friend Dylan Klebold and others.

Harris worked at a fireworks stand, and had received several fireworks as a result. Now our only problem is to find the place that will be ' ground zero '.

Harris's site attracted few visitors and caused no concern until March Harris ended a blog post detailing murderous fantasies with "All I want to do is kill and injure as many of you as I can, especially a few people.

Like Brooks Brown"; a classmate of his. When investigator Michael Guerra accessed the website, he discovered numerous violent threats directed against the students and teachers of CHS.

Guerra wrote a draft affidavit , requesting a search warrant of the Harris household. The affidavit also mentioned the discovery of an exploded pipe bomb in February and a suspicion of Harris being involved in the unsolved case.

The affidavit was never submitted to a judge and therefore, went ignored. On January 30, , Harris and Klebold were arrested for breaking into a van parked near Littleton and stealing tools and computer equipment.

The judge sentenced them to a juvenile diversion program. Nearly a year before the massacre, Klebold wrote a message in Harris's yearbook: "killing enemies, blowing up stuff, killing cops!!

My wrath for January's incident will be godlike. Not to mention our revenge in the commons. Harris and Klebold kept journals, which were released to the public in In the journals, the pair would eventually document their arsenal and plan of attack.

Shortly after the court hearing for the van break-in, Harris reverted his website back to just posting user-created levels of Doom.

He began to write his thoughts down in a journal instead. It shows a long period of methodical preparation for the massacre.

Harris even wrote on his computer about possibly escaping to a foreign country after the attack, or hijacking an aircraft at Denver International Airport and crashing it into New York City.

Klebold had already been writing down his thoughts since March As early as November , Klebold mentioned going on a killing spree.

Harris and Klebold also used their schoolwork to foreshadow the massacre. Harris wrote a paper on school shootings, [26] [27] and a poem from the perspective of a bullet.

Both had actively researched war and murder. Harris and Klebold were both enrolled in video production classes and kept five videotapes that were recorded with school video equipment.

The remaining three tapes detail their plans and reasons for the massacre, including the ways they hid their weapons and deceived their parents.

Thirty minutes before the attack, they made a final video saying goodbye and apologizing to their friends and families.

In December , before anybody else had seen them, Time magazine published an article on these tapes. As a result, select victim families and journalists were allowed to see them, and they were then kept from the public indefinitely for fear of inspiring future massacres.

The tapes have since allegedly been destroyed. The pair claimed they were going to make copies of the tapes to send to news stations, but never did so.

When an economics class had Harris make an ad for a business, he and Klebold made a video called Hitmen for Hire on December 8, , which was released in February It depicts them as part of the Trench Coat Mafia , a clique in the school who wore black trench coats, [43] extorting money for protecting preps from bullies.

On October 21, , a video was released showing the pair doing target practice on March 6, , in nearby foothills known as Rampart Range, with the weapons they would use in the massacre.

In the early morning hours before the massacre, Harris left a micro cassette labeled "Nixon" on the kitchen table.

He went on to say "People will die because of me" and "It will be a day that will be remembered forever. Harris's shotgun was sawed-off to around 26 inches 0.

On November 22, , their friend Robyn Anderson purchased the carbine rifle and the two shotguns for the pair at the Tanner Gun Show , as they were too young to legally purchase the guns themselves.

After the attack, she told investigators that she had believed the pair wanted the items for target shooting, and that she had no prior knowledge of their plans.

Harris and Klebold both held part-time jobs at a local Blackjack Pizza. After the massacre, Manes and Duran were both prosecuted.

Manes and Duran were sentenced to a total of six years and four-and-a-half years in prison, respectively.

In addition to the firearms, the complex and highly planned attack involved several improvised explosive devices. Using instructions obtained via the Internet and the Anarchist Cookbook , Harris and Klebold constructed a total of 99 bombs.

These included pipe bombs, carbon dioxide cartridges filled with gunpowder called "crickets" [66] , Molotov cocktails , propane tanks converted to bombs , car bombs, and diversionary bombs.

For ignition, they used kitchen matches and model rocket igniters as well as timing devices built from clocks and batteries for the propane, car, and diversion bombs.

They had 45 crickets, 8 of which detonated, and 9 Molotov cocktails, 2 of which functioned. Harris also attempted to make napalm , and envisioned a kind of backpack and flamethrower.

They both attempted to get another friend and coworker Chris Morris, who was a part of the Trench Coat Mafia, to keep the napalm at his house, but he refused.

Harris also tried to recruit him to be a third shooter, but would play it off as a joke when rebuked. Harris's website contained directions on making pipe bombs, including use of shrapnel.

A total of 35 were used during the massacre, 14 of which detonated. Klebold scared his coworkers by once bringing a pipe bomb into work. After the massacre, two pipe bombs had been left in Klebold's bedroom, one named "Vengeance" and another " Atlanta ", presumably after the Olympic Park bombing.

They had 8 propane tanks used for bombs. The weekend before the shootings, Harris and Klebold bought two propane tanks and other supplies from a hardware store for a few hundred dollars.

They bought six propane tanks on the morning of the attack. Each car bomb was made from pipe bombs and two pound propane tanks, with gas cans and bottles set throughout.

Harris and Klebold each carried two knives, which were never used during the massacre. Harris had one in a sheath taped to his ankle.

Klebold had one that was a cobra knife; a curved blade and several spikes on its handle. According to their journals and video tapes, it is believed by investigators that the pair intended to detonate their propane bombs in the cafeteria at the busiest lunch hour, killing hundreds of students.

After this they would shoot survivors. They would also be able to stab or toss bombs. Eventually bombs set in their cars in the parking lot would also detonate, killing more students as well as possibly any police officers, paramedics, firemen, or reporters who had come to the school.

Several official sources claim they planned to shoot the fleeing survivors from the parking lot, but moved to the staircase on the hill at the west side of the school when the bombs failed.

A total of rounds of ammunition were fired by the perpetrators during the massacre. Firing nearly twice as much as Klebold, Harris: fired his carbine rifle a total of 96 times, and discharged his shotgun 25 times.

Klebold fired the TEC-9 handgun 55 times, and 12 rounds from his double-barreled shotgun. Law enforcement officers fired rounds during exchanges of gunfire with the shooters.

On Tuesday morning, April 20, , Harris and Klebold placed two duffel bags in the cafeteria. No witness recalled seeing the duffel bags being added to the or so backpacks that were already in the cafeteria.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Neil Gardner was assigned to the high school as a full-time school resource officer.

Gardner usually ate lunch with students in the cafeteria, but on April 20 he was eating lunch in his patrol car at the northwest corner of the campus, watching students in the Smokers' Pit in Clement Park, a meadow adjacent to the school.

Two backpacks filled with pipe bombs, aerosol canisters, and small propane bombs were also placed in a field about 3 miles 4. Only the pipe bombs and one of the aerosol canisters detonated, causing a small fire, which was quickly extinguished by the fire department.

Bomb technicians immediately examined the bombs and relayed to police at the school the possibility of devices with motion activators.

Harris parked his vehicle in the junior student parking lot, and Klebold parked in the adjoining senior student parking lot.

The school cafeteria was their primary bomb target; the cafeteria had a long outside window-wall, ground-level doors, and was just north of the senior parking lot.

As Harris pulled into the parking lot, he encountered classmate Brooks Brown, with whom he had recently patched up a longstanding series of disputes.

According to Brown, who was smoking a cigarette, he was surprised to see Harris, whom he earlier noted had been absent from a class test.

Brown confronted Harris about missing the test. Harris seemed unconcerned, commenting "It doesn't matter anymore. Get out of here.

Go home. Meanwhile, Harris and Klebold armed themselves, using straps and webbing to conceal weapons beneath black trench coats technically dusters.

They lugged backpacks and duffel bags that were filled with pipe bombs and ammunition. Harris also had his shotgun in one of the bags.

Beneath the trench coats, Harris wore a homemade bandolier and a white T-shirt that read " Natural selection " in black letters; Klebold wore a black T-shirt that read "Wrath" in red letters.

The cafeteria bombs failed to detonate. Had these bombs exploded with full power, they could have killed or severely wounded all of the students in the cafeteria, and possibly made the ceiling collapse by destroying the pillars holding it up, dropping the library into the cafeteria.

Klebold threw a pipe bomb towards the parking lot; the bomb only partially detonated, causing it to give off smoke. Castaldo thought it was no more than a crude senior prank.

Likewise, several students during the incident first thought that they were watching a prank. A witness reported hearing "Go! Harris aimed his carbine down the west staircase in the direction of three students: Daniel Rohrbough, Sean Graves, and Lance Kirklin.

The students figured they were paintball guns , and were about to walk up the staircase directly below the shooters. Harris fired, killing Rohrbough, [95] while injuring Graves and Kirklin.

The shooters turned and began firing west in the direction of five students sitting on the grassy hillside adjacent to the steps and opposite the west entrance of the school: [82] Michael Johnson was hit in the face, leg, and arm, but ran and escaped; Mark Taylor was shot in the chest, arms, and leg and fell to the ground, where he faked death; the other three escaped uninjured.

Klebold walked down the steps toward the cafeteria. He came up to Lance Kirklin, who was already wounded and lying on the ground, weakly calling for help.

Klebold said, "Sure. I'll help you," then shot Kirklin in the face with his shotgun, critically wounding him. He rubbed blood on his face and played dead.

He then stepped over the injured Graves to enter the cafeteria. Klebold only briefly entered the cafeteria and did not shoot at the several people still inside.

Officials speculated that Klebold went to check on the propane bombs. Harris was still on top of the stairs shooting, and severely wounded and partially paralyzed year-old Anne-Marie Hochhalter as she tried to flee.

They walked toward the west entrance, throwing pipe bombs in several directions, including onto the roof; only a few of these pipe bombs detonated.

Witnesses heard one of them say "This is what we always wanted to do. This is awesome! Meanwhile, art teacher Patti Nielson was inside the school; she had noticed the commotion and walked toward the west entrance with student Brian Anderson.

Nielson had intended to walk outside to tell the two students to "Knock it off," [82] thinking they were either filming a video or pulling a student prank.

Anderson and Nielson ran back down the hall into the library, and Nielson alerted the students inside to the danger, telling them to get under desks and keep silent.

She dialed and hid under the library's administrative counter. While exiting his patrol car in the senior lot at , he heard another call on the school radio, "Neil, there's a shooter in the school.

Harris then reemerged and fired at least four more rounds at Gardner which missed and struck two parked cars , before retreating into the building.

No one was hit during the exchange of gunfire. I need someone in the south lot with me. Klebold shot Stephanie Munson in the ankle, but she was able to walk out of the school.

After proceeding through the hall several times and shooting toward—and missing—any students they saw, they went toward the west entrance and turned into the library hallway.

Taking the shortest route, he drove his motorcycle over grass between the athletic fields and headed toward the west entrance.

When he saw Deputy Scott Taborsky following him in a patrol car, he abandoned his motorcycle for the safety of the car.

The two deputies had begun to rescue two wounded students near the ball fields when another gunfight broke out at , as Harris returned to the double doors and again began shooting at Deputy Gardner, who returned fire.

From the hilltop, Deputy Smoker fired three rounds from his pistol at Harris, who again retreated into the building. As before, no one was hit.

Inside the school cafeteria, teacher Dave Sanders and two custodians, Jon Curtis and Jay Gallatine, initially told students to get under the tables, then successfully evacuated students up the staircase leading to the second floor of the school.

The stairs were located around the corner from the library hallway in the main south hallway. Sanders then tried to secure as much of the school as he could.

By now, Harris and Klebold were inside the main hallway. Sanders and another student were down at the end of the hallway, where he gestured for students in the library to stay.

They encountered Harris and Klebold, who were approaching from the corner of the north hallway. Sanders and the student turned and ran in the opposite direction.

Klebold walked over towards Sanders, who had collapsed, and tossed a pipe bomb into the cafeteria, then returned to Harris up the library hallway.

Sanders struggled toward the science area, and a teacher took him into a classroom where 30 students were located. Due to his knowledge of first aid , student Aaron Hancey was brought to the classroom from another by teachers despite the unfolding commotion.

With the assistance of a fellow student named Kevin Starkey, and teacher Teresa Miller, Hancey administered first aid to Sanders for three hours, attempting to stem the blood loss using shirts from students in the room, and showing him pictures from his wallet to keep him talking.

As the shooting unfolded, pipe bombs were tossed in the hallways and down into the cafeteria. Patti Nielson in the library called , telling her story and urging students in the library to take cover beneath desks.

Fifty-two students, two teachers and two librarians were inside. Harris yelled "Get up! Student Evan Todd had been standing near a pillar when the shooters entered the library and had just taken cover behind a copier.

The shooters walked into the library, towards the two rows of computers. Sitting at the north row was disabled student Kyle Velasquez, who Klebold fired his shotgun twice at, fatally hitting him in the head and back.

They walked between the computer rows, toward the windows facing the outside staircase. They, especially Klebold, began shouting and speaking to all the students in the library.

Throughout the massacre in the library, they ordered everybody to get up, saying that the library was going to explode.

They stated how long they had been waiting for this, and seemed to be enjoying themselves, shouting things like "yahoo" after shooting.

Noticing that the police were evacuating students outside the school, windows were shot out in the direction of the police.

He shouted for the jocks to stand up, but when no one did, he said, "Fine, I'll just start shooting!

Harris walked toward the lower row of computer desks with his shotgun, firing a single shot under the first desk from a short distance away, while down on one knee.

He hit year-old Steven Curnow with a mortal wound to the neck. Harris walked over to a table south of the lower computer table, slapped the surface twice and knelt, saying " Peek-a-boo " to year-old Cassie Bernall before shooting her once in the head, killing her.

After fatally shooting Bernall, Harris turned toward the next table, where Bree Pasquale sat next to the table rather than under it. Harris's nose was bleeding ; witnesses later reported that he had blood around his mouth.

Harris asked Pasquale if she wanted to die, and she responded with a plea for her life. Harris laughed and responded "Everyone's gonna die.

Klebold noticed Ireland trying to provide aid to Hall, who had suffered a wound to his knee. As Ireland tried to help Hall, his head rose above the table, Klebold shot him a second time, hitting him twice in the head and once in the foot.

Ireland was knocked unconscious, but survived. Klebold called out to Harris that he found a " nigger " and tried to pull Shoels out from under the table.

Harris left Pasquale and joined him. According to witnesses, they taunted Shoels for a few seconds, making derogatory racial comments.

The gunmen both fired under the table; Harris shot Shoels once in the chest, killing him, and Klebold shot and killed Kechter. Though Shoels was not shot in the head, Klebold said: "I didn't know black brains could fly that far.

Harris then yelled; "Who's ready to die next?! He turned and threw a "cricket" at the table where Hall, Steepleton, and Ireland were located.

It landed on Steepleton's thigh; Hall quickly noticed it and tossed it behind them, and it exploded in mid-air.

Harris walked toward the bookcases between the west and center section of tables in the library. He jumped on one and shook it, apparently attempting to topple it, then shot at the books which had fallen.

Klebold walked to the east area of the library. Harris walked from the bookcase, past the central area to meet Klebold. The latter shot at a display case next to the door, then turned and shot toward the closest table, hitting and injuring year-old Mark Kintgen in the head and shoulder.

He then turned toward the table to his left and fired, injuring year-olds Lisa Kreutz, Lauren Townsend, and Valeen Schnurr with the same shotgun blast.

Klebold then moved toward the same table and fired several shots with the TEC-9 , killing Townsend.

Harris approached another table where two girls were hiding. He bent down to look at them and dismissed them as "pathetic".

Tomlin moved out from under the table. Klebold shot him repeatedly, killing him. Harris then walked back over to the other side of the table where Townsend lay dead.

Behind the table, a year-old girl named Kelly Fleming had, like Bree Pasquale, sat next to the table rather than beneath it due to a lack of space.

Harris shot Fleming with his shotgun, hitting her in the back and killing her. Harris then pointed his carbine under a table, but the student he was aiming at moved out of the way.

Harris turned his gun back on the student and told him to identify himself. It was John Savage, an acquaintance of Klebold's.

He asked Klebold what they were doing, to which he shrugged and answered, "killing people. Possibly because of a fire alarm , Klebold said, "What?

Klebold said no, and told him to run. Savage fled, escaping through the library's main entrance. After Savage left, Harris turned and fired his carbine at the table directly north of where he had been, hitting the ear and hand of year-old Daniel Mauser.

Mauser reacted by either shoving a chair at Harris or grabbing at his leg; Harris fired again and hit Mauser in the center of the face at close range, killing him.

Both shooters moved south and fired randomly under another table, critically injuring two year-olds, Jennifer Doyle and Austin Eubanks , and fatally wounding year-old Corey DePooter, at They had killed 10 people in the library and wounded At this point, Klebold was quoted as saying they might start knifing people, though they never did.

They headed towards the library's main counter. Harris threw a Molotov cocktail toward the southwestern end of the library, but it failed to explode.

They converged close to where Todd had moved after having been wounded. Klebold pulled the chair out from the desk, then he pointed his TEC-9 at Todd, who was wearing a white hat.

Klebold asked if he was a jock, and when Todd said no Klebold responded "Well, that's good. We don't like jocks. When Klebold asked Todd to give him one reason why he should not kill him, Todd said: "I don't want trouble.

You don't even know what I mean, I don't have a problem with you guys. I never will and I never did. Harris seemed to pay little attention and said: "Let's go to the commons.

While Harris was walking away, Klebold said, "One more thing! Klebold joined Harris at the library entrance.

The two walked out of the library at Cautiously, fearing the shooters' return, 10 injured and 29 uninjured survivors began to evacuate the library through the north emergency exit door, which led to the sidewalk adjacent to the west entrance.

Kacey Ruegsegger was evacuated from the library by Craig Scott. Had she not been evacuated at this point, Ruegsegger would likely have bled to death from her injuries.

After leaving the library, Harris and Klebold entered the science area, where they caused a fire in an empty storage closet.

It was extinguished by a teacher who had hidden in an adjacent room. The recording shows Harris kneeling on the landing and firing a single shot toward one of the propane bombs left in the cafeteria, in an unsuccessful attempt to detonate it.

Klebold lit a Molotov cocktail and threw it at the propane bomb. About a minute later, the gallon of fuel attached to the bomb ignited, causing a fire that was extinguished by the fire sprinklers a few minutes later.

After leaving the cafeteria, they returned to the main north and south hallways of the school and fired several shots into walls and ceilings as students and teachers hid in rooms.

They walked through the south hallway into the main office before returning to the north hallway. At , they returned to the cafeteria, and briefly entered the school kitchen.

They re-entered the library, which was empty of survivors except for the unconscious Patrick Ireland and the injured Lisa Kreutz.

Once inside, at , police were shot at again through the library windows and returned fire. Nobody was injured in the exchange.

By , both gunmen had killed themselves. Harris sat down with his back to a bookshelf and fired his shotgun through the roof of his mouth ; Klebold went down on his knees and shot himself in the left temple with his TEC In , the National Enquirer published two post-mortem photos of Harris and Klebold in the library.

Klebold's gun was underneath his body and so unseen in the photo, leading to speculation that Harris shot Klebold before killing himself.

However, some of Klebold's blood was on Harris' legs. Underneath the scorched film of material was a piece of Harris' brain matter, suggesting Harris had shot himself by this point.

A call for additional ammunition for police officers in case of a shootout came at Authorities reported pipe bombs by , and two SWAT teams entered the school at , moving from classroom to classroom, discovering hidden students and faculty.

They were also hampered by the sound of the fire alarms. Meanwhile, families of students and staff were asked to gather at nearby Leawood Elementary School to await information.

All students, teachers, and school employees were taken away, questioned, and offered medical care in small holding areas before being bussed to meet with their family members at Leawood Elementary.

Some of the victims' families were told to wait on one final school bus that never came. Patrick Ireland had regained and lost consciousness several times after being shot by Klebold.

He became known as "the boy in the window. A shirt was also tied to the doorknob. At , this was spotted, and by , SWAT officers evacuated the room of students and called for a paramedic.

He was the only teacher to die in the shooting. Lisa Kreutz, shot in the shoulder, arms, hand, and thigh, remained laying in the library.

She had tried to move but became light-headed. Kreutz kept track of time by the sound of the school's bells until police arrived.

Officials found the bodies in the library by By , Sheriff Stone made an initial estimate of 25 dead students and teachers, fifty wounded, and referred to the massacre as a "suicide mission.

President Bill Clinton issued a statement. Stone said that police officers were searching the bodies of the gunmen.

They feared they had used their pipe bombs to booby-trap corpses, including their own. At , additional officers were called in, as more explosives were found in the parking lot and on the roof.

By , officials had found a bomb in Klebold's car in the parking lot, set to detonate the gas tank.

The bomb detonated inside the trailer but no one was injured. The bomb squad disrupted the car bomb. Klebold's car was repaired and, in , put up for auction.

On the morning of April 21, bomb squads combed the high school. The total count of deaths was 12 students 14 including the shooters and one teacher; 20 students and one teacher were injured as a result of the shootings.

Three more victims were injured indirectly as they tried to escape the school. It was then the worst school shooting in U.

Thirteen of the bodies were still inside the high school as investigators photographed the building.

Formal identification of the dead had not yet taken place, but families of the children thought to have been killed had been notified.

Throughout the late afternoon and early evening, the bodies were gradually removed from the school and taken to the Jeffco Coroner's Office to be identified and autopsied.

An official statement was released, naming the 15 confirmed deaths and 27 injuries related to the massacre. On April 22, the cafeteria bombs were discovered.

In the days following the shootings, Rachel Scott 's car and John Tomlin's truck became memorials, [] and impromptu memorials were held in Clement Park.

On April 30, carpenter Greg Zanis erected fifteen 6-foot-tall wooden crosses to honor those who had died at the school. Daniel Rohrbough's father cut down the two meant for the gunmen.

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